PROTEUS 6.0EC is our entry level model.

The motorhome is equipped with four homologated seats and a 2-person bed measuring 1430 mm x 1980 mm with an additional backup bed that can be fashioned from the seating area.

The PROTEUS 6.0EC motorhome can be used throughout the year due to its excellent insulation composed of ALPINEextreme foam and Superfoil  insulation. This ensures no heat bridges form while also preventing condensation and excess power consumption. Heating of the motorhome and that of the water supply is achieved using the Truma combi 4cp plus gas heater.

The dinette, which can be extended, comfortably seats four people as the front two seats rotate.

Furnishings of the motorhome are crafted using lightweight poplar plywood with an extra hpl laminate coating that ensures excellent resistance to wear.

The bathroom compartment, separated from the main space with sliding doors, holds a chemical WC Thetford c223-s and a separate bathroom sink . The whole bathroom is made using quality waterproof materials.

The kitchen compartment is furnished with a dual-mode stove and a sink with a glass cover, a refrigerator with compressor fridge with freezer Vitrifrigo c95i. There is also a wardrobe closet mounted above the refrigerator.

The rear part of the vehicle houses the sleeping area. It includes 2 wall-mounted cupboards above the bed and a large storage compartment underneath, with integrated compartments for two gas bottles (2×10 kg).

The Proteus motorhome building base is a Fiat Ducato incorporating the newest 2.3 multijet Euro 6 .d temp engines varying in power. The latest additions include AdBlue technology, a turbocharger with an intercooler, resulting in improved torque, better performance and lower emissions.

You can choose:

  • Various engine power outputs (the basic engine produces 140 BHP, the two alternatives produce 160 and 180 BHP, respectively)
  • A 6-speed manual gearbox or the more modern 9-gear automatic, both considered top in the class
  • Different equipment packages from Fiat (pack base, pack1, pack2 or pack3camera)
  • Chassis option of LIGHT or HEAVY (higher load capacity, 16-inch wheels and stronger brakes)
  • Any of the many Fiat Ducato optional extras

All models of the PROTEUS motorhome combine excellent build quality, state of the art materials and top of the line equipment by only the best brands such as Fiat, Truma, Thetford, CBE, Vitrifrigo, Dometic, Fiama, Victron energy and Thule.

The PROTEUS 6.0EC motorhome can also be customised to your exact specifications using many optional extras.

Basic motorhome equipment

Dimensions of the vehicle
  • Body length 5998 mm
  • Total width 2050 mm
  • Total height 2580 mm
  • Wheelbase 4035 mm
  • Mass in running order 2770 kg
  • Maximum authorized weight 3500 kg
  • Internal height 1900 mm
Interior and equipment dimensions
  • Rear bed 1430×1980 mm
  • Backup bed
  • Bathroom 1000×900 mm
  • Dinette 1200×900 mm
  • Box
  • Fresh water tank 115 l
  • Waste water tank 80 l
  • Submersible pump comet
  • Truma combi 4cp plus
  • 5 distribution nozzles
  • Stove and sink with a glass cover CAN
  • Compressor fridge with freezer Vitrifrigo c95i
  • Gas bottles compartment 2x 10 kg
  • Roof windows with fly screens and plisse blinds
  • 2x mini heki 400×400 (seats and bed)
  • 1x micro heki 280×280 (bathroom
  • Side windows with fly screens and plisse blinds
  • 2x plasoform 900×500 (dinette and slide doors)
LED lighting
  • 5x recessed lamp (ceiling and bathroom)
  • 4x flexible reading lamp (dinette and rear bed)
  • 1x box lamp
  • 1x exterior lamp
  • Auxiliary battery AGM, 100Ah
  • Electroblock SCHAUD EBL211 + LT453
  • Power socket 220V 2x (dinette and kitchen)
  • Power socket 12V 2x (dinette and kitchen)
  • USB power socket 1x (bed)
  • WC Thetford 223-s
  • Glass sink
  • Comet Luca tap
  • Shower armature Comet
  • Shower handle
  • Mirror


+386 069/633-655

Proteus DC, proizvodnja in trgovina d.o.o.

Ulica Mirka Vadnova 19
4000 Kranj
ID za DDV: SI56046413
IBAN št.: SI56 0312 6100 1133 692
Matična št.: 8611246000
TEL: 041 72 41 42
Ponedeljek-Petek: 8.00 - 17.00

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